Direct Philanthropic Giving

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility goals and Direct Philanthropic Giving initiative, we did a #SchoolSupplyDrive for D.L. “Dusty Dickens” Elementary School in North Las Vegas for back to school.

Principal Barbara Reininger and Office Manager Pamela at D.L. “Dusty Dickens” Elementary School were more than grateful when the school supplies were delivered last Friday. The Principal said, “that in the 11 years the Elementary School has been open, no one has donated supplies for their students, let alone had a Supply Drive for them. Plus Studios made a difference!” Natalie Bennett, New Business Development at Plus Studios said, “the entire front office wanted to thank Plus Studios and gave the team a round of applause.”

Principal Reininger gave the backpacks, filled with school necessities, to the children who needed them the most first. Any extras were given to the teachers to hand out to the children as needed throughout the school year.

It warmed our hearts to know that these items meant the world to the children who received them, and we look forward to working with more schools in our community in support of the hard working parents that could use a little boost! We wish much success to all the students at D.L Elementary School on this 2019-2020 School Year.

If your schools are interested in our support, please email us at [email protected]

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About the Author: Li Jackson is an 18 year veteran of the events & exhibits industry and is currently the VP of Marketing at Plus Studios, an experiential Events Exhibits and Environments company based in Las Vegas Nevada. She is also Founder of Tradeshowlife®️, an Online Educational & Media company and Executive Director at Rethink Worldwide a Non-Profit Organization focused on Conserving the Environment.