Company: Biosheer is a luxury, high performance, clinically proven and science-based skincare brand, featuring high purity hyaluronic acid and powerful plant stem cells. Their innovative products are the prerequisite to effective skincare that leads to meaningful results.

Event: Cosmoprof – Las Vegas Nevada.

Experience: Delon Laboratories debuted their beautiful exhibit at Cosmoprof as the perfect setting to launch their luxury skincare, Biosheer.  In order to earn a Sample box valued at $85-$115, attendees were asked to: 1) sample skincare in the booth applied by the lovely models;  2) give a positive review; and 3) post the experience on Instagram using the #Biosheer hashtag.  Buyers were also able to conduct business in a semi-private lounge seating area while enjoying coffee served by the models.

Result: Almost 2000 samples were handed out. Instagram was buzzing, and along with Facebook, Biosheer gained hundreds of followers after the show. Client received many product reviews during and after the launch. Their products are now live for purchase on Instagram @Biosheer.

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