Li Jackson

Favorite Teams: Tennessee Titans, Tennessee Vols, Vegas Golden Knights & the Lakers.

Dream Car: Ferrari

Pet: Coco, our rescue CoJack (Corgi-Jack Russell)

How long in Vegas & why the love:  5 years. I love Strip life, the conventions, the weather, the diversity, the opportunities and nonstop fun. What’s not to love about a World Destination city?

Fun tidbits about me:  I love the ocean and can’t stand plastic pollution. I like to sew and create. I’m a closet singer.

Professional Bio: Li Jackson brings 23 years of combined experience in Corporate Sales, Event Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship to Plus Studios. She has managed many high-profile accounts including Perry Ellis Int’l, Sony Japan, Nike Swim and LP Corp to name a few.Li believes that trade shows and events are important and still relevant today no matter how digital we have become. 10 years ago, Li and her family launched an energy drink business at a tradeshow and gained their 1st casino client there. She believes that trade shows are still the #1 place to launch a product and grow your business. Li understands what the client needs, she cares about the bottom line, and passionate about making sure that our clients succeed on and off the tradeshow floor. Li earned a B.S. Degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a focus in Marketing and Management. Her mission is “to provide companies with the best solutions to grow their business, and at the same time be socially responsible to our environment.”